about a dinner thing

"A dinner thing" specializes in creating a unique dining experience, in the most unusual location and magical setup, with a carefully selected guest list made of 20 random yet carefully selected individuals, to come enjoy good food and nice wine for one special night. The location isn’t revealed till a couple of hours before the dinner! 


Invitations are personal and exclusive. To get on the list, you need to either be recommended by someone who already attended the dinner, or apply on our website. 


 "A dinner thing" is the brainchild of Petra Abousleiman & Marianne Sargi Fayad, who enjoy hosting these secret dinners once a month, not only in Lebanon but all around the world! 


by a dinner thing


These ladies also organise collaborations and themed corporate dinners with brands and companies that believe in magic, or private seated dinners for all sorts of occasions. Get in touch to find out more!